Birra Moretti 660ml Bottle

660 ml / 4.60%

Enjoy the Italian way of life. Make time on what counts, and Experience a Birra Moretti with family and friends around the table-welcome! In good company ideally consume cold.




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Birra Moretti is a genuine beer made using a conventional method that has been basically unchanged since 1859. Only the finest quality raw materials and a special mixture of essential hops are used to make Birra Moretti, which gives the beer its aroma and distinctive scent, intensifying the slight bitter taste. It is a low fermented beer with a golden colour, which  is provided by the quality content of malt used. The alcoholic content is a volume of 4.6 percent which makes it ideal for drinking at any time of day. This is really a great accompaniment to both lunch and dinner or to drink with friends all around the evening.


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