Gabriel Boudier Citronelli Liqueur - Miniature

5cl / 30%
Gabriel Boudier Citronelli (Lemon) Liqueur Miniature – 5cl Sometimes, a flavoured liqueur is all your go-to cocktail is missing to turn it from ordinary to extraordinary. With a Gabriel Boudier Citronelli liqueur mini, your tropical cocktail dreams might just step up from zero to hero, quite simply not the kind of treat either you or your friends will not be able to easily forget anytime soon. Served at 30% ABV, a Gabriel Boudier Citronelli liqueur miniature is certainly not your run-of-the-mill liqueur. So, to give justice to this heavenly creation, why not fix yourself or your company a luscious fixing of Bourbon Tea to fit the hot, midday sun or, a Sparkling Shamrock to sip as you chill to the warm summer evening winds.  Other than that, a Gabriel Boudier Citronelli liqueur 5cl also comes in handy for spiking both cold and warm desserts. Add a drop of two to your favourite serving of vanilla ice cream or freshly made yogurt incorporated with crushed berries. If you like making your own cakes and pastries, how about making a serving with a tipple as a special treat for yourself and for other adults in the house as well? Besides being absolutely perfect for giving yourself a treat every now and then, a Gabriel Boudier Citronelli liqueur small bottle also makes an appetizing treat for someone you know. Suggest adding it to age old family recipes for a modern-day twist.




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