Glenmorangie The Original - half

35 cl
The single malt whisky brewed by Glenmorangie tastes like nectar because of the infused flavoring agents and fresh water from the Tarlogie spring.



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Glenmorangie is a pioneer in making single malt whisky. The smooth and tasty whisky is prepared with a distillation of malted and cooked barley grains using fresh water from the Tarlogie spring. The brewing process then persists to the stages of fermentation and maturation that enhances the alcoholic compounds and delicious aroma. The liquor has nectar-like fruitiness taste because it has been infused with candied apple, light toffee, nuances of rose petals, carnations and pear drops along with the toasted malt. While consuming the whiskey from Glenmorangie, you enjoy the sweetness of vanilla, orange and peach.


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