Liverpool Single malt Scotch - Miniature

5cl / 46%

Liverpool Whisky Miniatures 12 Year Old- 5cl Liverpool 12 year old single malt whisky 5cl bottles are presented at 46% ABV. Liverpool whisky miniatures are non-chill filtered, triple distilled, and made with vatted malt whisky. Liverpool whisky is highly approachable and palatable even to an untrained palate for single malt whisky. The aroma and flavour profiles are generally characterised to be mellow with the subtle sweetness and thick creaminess of vanilla. The taste is accompanied by a mild cocoa taste that renders it an added satisfaction. The finish is warming and lingers long. Liverpool 12 year old single malt whiskey mini bottles are presented with apothecary style stout bottling and a long neck. Overall, it has an elegant look with gold and olive green labeling, and a gold cap. The transparent packaging shows the golden yellow spirit inside. Liverpool Whisky small bottles are made for sampling, gifting, and giving away as party favours. The best way to enjoy this drink is by sipping neat or pouring over the rocks which allows the flavours earned from long maturation to come through unadulterated. Nevertheless, for the untrained whisky drinker, it might as well be used as the whisky base for classic cocktails with as little amount of mixers as possible so as not to dilute its exquisite value.




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