Old St.Andrews Par4 Golf Ball Blended Scotch - Miniature

5cl / 40%

Old St. Andrews Whisky Miniature – 5cl Inside an Old St Andrews Whisky miniature is the highly applauded Old St. Andrews Blended Scotch. The whisky is created using the choicest malt and grain whiskies. Clear, grassy with a refreshing feel as it touches the palate, the Old Ball Whisky miniature is designed with an avid golfer in mind. Shaped like a gold ball, Old St Andrews Golf Ball 5cl bottles are designed to be taken on the golf course itself and enjoyed on the field. The Old St Andrews Golf Ball Whisky, in particular, best suits golfing accomplishments that meet the Par 4 standard. Best enjoyed in the company of fellow golfers, it’s best to bring spare golf bottles to share with your cheering company — and, yes, why not the caddy too? Old St Andrews Golf Ball miniature is created for its novelty rather than for its unique and exquisite whisky flavour profile. Nevertheless, the Old St Andrews Golf Ball miniature gives you the packaging, aroma and flavour that suits a very particular drinker. It’s for the golfer and the whisky drinker. Other than opening a bottle for golfing milestones or, as a treat to a golfer celebrating his birthday, mini golf bottles of Old St. Andrews Whisky also make delightful favours for your events if you love the sport.




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