Schweppes Indian Tonic Water

1 L
Schweppes was founded in the year 1783. Schweppes Indian tonic water is popular in the British Empire, and when made with another tonic, is not quite right. Schweppes tonic has a distinctive citrus flavor which is not present in other tonic waters.



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Schweppes Tonic Water is made from quinine and other ingredients and has a special flavor. For your drinking pleasure, Schweppes gives you finest quality mixers, to be enjoyed with mocktails or as standalone soft drinks. Originating in 1783, Schweppes remains one of the luxury mixer brands though it's all evolving so quickly. So go ahead, make a favor of yourself and enjoy the crisp, soothing bubbles as you relax at home or on the go. Looking forward to it it being a ritual.


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