Teachers Blended Scotch Whisky - Miniature

5cl / 40%

Teachers Whisky Small Bottle- 5cl Miniature Teachers Whisky takes after the regular sized bottle — high in fully peated single malt and rich in smoky flavour that avid drinkers of whisky are after. Using the Ardmore Single Malt Whisky as the primary base whisky, other malt and grain whiskies are blended, still resulting in a blended scotch whisky with an exceptionally high concentration of peated single malt whisky. The Teachers Whisky mini is presented in a transparent, clear container that gives you a prelude to the rich taste waiting for you to savour with the golden amber spirit showing through. From the moment you open up a Teachers Whisky miniature, you will be treated to a deep, complex aroma of peated malt, giving away the smokiness of whisky created to guarantee your satisfaction. The palate delivers on the extravagant introduction as it delivers a well-rounded blended scotch that lines the palate with silky smoothness probably unlike any other whisky you’ve gotten the chance to sample before. The finish is delivered gradually, without any overpowering alcohol taste. Try a Teachers Whisky small bottle and, while you do, whisky is best shared with good company. Teachers Whisky small bottle price is 1.79P which even makes it ideal for sharing with a bigger crowd. How about giving it away as party favours? Teachers Whisky 5cl bottles are also good to have around for any day, any late night cocktail craving you or guests have.




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