After Shock Cool Citrus Liqueur

70cl / 30%
Aftershock blue deep blue citrus taste with 700 ml. and 30 % vol. Aftershock was first marketed in 1997, and marketed primarily to younger drinkers. All varieties of Aftershock contain 30% alcohol by volume (70 proof). Popular in the UK, the drink spawned several drinking games, the most common of which being "The Aftershock Challenge", in which participants have to hold a shot of red Aftershock in their mouths without swallowing for as long as possible. Another challenge associated with Aftershock takes advantage of the powerful fumes that evaporate from the drink. A drinker is to down a shot, hold the hand over the top of the shotglass (as to keep the fumes sealed) and then to inhale them up the nose; the intended effect is a powerful alcohol-induced headrush. One of the most brutal Aftershock drinking games is The Evil Traffic Light, where the 3 original colours must be downed in order of strength or flavour, i.e. Red then Blue, then Green as fast as possible, leaving all 3 extremely strong opposing flavours in the mouth at once, as 3 shots of alcohol enter the stomach.



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Read description on the product for health warnings. Drink Responsibly, Over 18s only, for further health information Visit _x000D_ *This product is not eligible for same day delivery in Edinburgh._x000D_ _x000D_  


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