Beefeater London Dry Gin - Miniature

5cl / 37.50%
Beefeater Gin Miniatures Finally, a London Dry Gin that is actually made in London, Beefeater miniatures are made using a gin making heritage that dates back to 1820, although the label was not created until 1876. The Beefeater mini London Dry Gin uses the same original ingredient formulated by Beefeater’s founder. A beefeater gin small bottle is packed at 37.5% expression in the UK and at 40% ABV expression in the US, following local regulations. Beefeater is derived from neutral grain spirit. The aroma and palate of a miniature beefeater gin boldly displays bold juniper and citrus flavours that reflect common expectations of a classic London dry gin. As such, a Beefeater 5cl is best fixed into everyone’s favourite, gin and tonic. The bottle opens up to a strong herbal impressions on the nose topped by celery and spice from black pepper. The gin lends a warming feeling to the palate with just a sufficient amount of licorice to render a well-balanced level of sweetness. Its crisp, unadulterated taste also makes Beefeater Gin a great base for other gin-based cocktails, including a gin martini, negroni and cosmopolitan. Enjoy it in your own glass or, fix your guest an irresistible glass. It’s a great company for game night and the old English feeling conveyed by its labels make it ideal for old English themed functions.



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