Martin Miller's London Dry Gin - Miniature

5cl / 40%
Martin Millers London Dry Gin Miniatures Martin Miller Gin miniatures embody the unique citrus and juniper flavour profile that Martin Miller’s Gin has become world famous for in a small package. Each bottle of Martin Miller miniature is a reflection of its founders’ passion for perfection. First, the gin is distilled using traditional pot still distillation techniques. One part of the gin is distilled with earthy botanicals, while the other part is distilled with the citrusy flavour infusions. These separate distillations results to a more flavourful profile that permits these two groups of flavours stand out without overpowering each other. Some of the botanicals added to the gin are angelica, cinnamon, cassia, nutmeg, orris corancer juniper, licorice, orange and nutmeg. That’s not the end of the story in crafting a Martin Miller Gin mini. After combining the two flavour infused distills, the resulting blend is hauled over to Iceland where it is combined with locally-sourced water, alleged to be one of the purest, unpolluted and unadulterated. Its makers attribute the smooth, non-burning finish of a mini botella Martin Miller to this painstaking process. For these reasons, a Martin Miller mini suits gifting for the very special people you know, and for very special guests gracing your personal occasions.



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