Scottish Milled Dark Rye Flour - 1.5kg

Dark Rye Flour provides an authentic 100 per cent colorful rye bread with a typical full flavor and excellent shelf life. Dark Rye flour is a whole meal Rye flour that is used to make delicious rye breads and has a deep dense character. Rye grain flour’s texture is a dark greige color that makes a denser bread than wheat flour.




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Thanks to its nutritional benefits, lower gluten content, plus savory and subtle flavor, the rye flour is becoming increasingly popular. Both rye flours and breads are not made alike though! They have their own flavors and benefits and you'll probably find that each one is best suited to certain dishes and breads. "Dark rye" isn't black or dark gray, either. It is a kind of "blue" color with flecky bran and germ bits inside. Your dough will be more absorbent when you bake with dark rye (i.e. it will require more water) and it will bake into a loaf that is slightly smaller than when you bake with light rye flour: just as a whole meal loaf would be slightly smaller than a white loaf, everything else is similar. This is Magnesium Rich in fiber and Alternate.


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