Organic Strong Bread Flour - 1.5kg

A bakers grade organic strong bread flour, suitable for bread and rolls. A good, all-round flour for a range of products. Organic strong bread flour is blended from carefully selected wheats to make a versatile flour suitable for bread, rolls, pizzas and puff pastry. it is good for bread makers too.



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A good organic bread white flour ensures that the bread rises, as the protein, gluten, absorbs the water in the dough and becomes stretchy, trapping the carbon dioxide created by the fermenting yeast. Since organic strong bread flour has a higher percentage of protein than standard meal, it is known as strong flour, providing more consistent results when making rolls of bread and pasta. As the gluten sets, the stretched fibers give the bread body and it's spongy texture while it is baking. As a result, the bread can be heavier and denser by using meal with a lower protein percentage. It is also recommended to use high 13 per cent protein-strong flour.


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