209 Gin - Miniature

5cl / 46%
No 209 Gin Miniature Named after Distillery no. 209 which was the brain child of William Scheffler back in 1870. 209 Gin is five times distilled to produce one of the most purest of Gins available. Gin no. 209 opens with a wonderfully aromatic nose of predominately citrus and floral notes with just a hint of spiciness. The palette is packed with citrus high notes, with lemon being predominate followed closely by hints of oranges. As the spirit warms up in the mouth, delicate floral notes appear along with bergamot and coriander. As the gin leaves the palette, there are cassia and other warm spice notes that become more prominent. The cassia in particular lingers in the aftertaste. 209 is the only Passover certified gin in the world.



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